It’s time to surprise yourself.


“Embarking on a journey of deep, meaningful personal development can be scary. Cassidy’s process took the hard edges off, allowing me to move into those uncomfortable places of growth. That’s where the magic happens.”

Donna Miller
Chief Visionary Officer @ C3 Workplace


  • focused on your shortfalls over your successes?
  • feeling like a fraud in your job?
  • feeling shame if you “mess up” at work?
  • believing you’re worthy of only your last win?
  • addicted to self-criticism?
  • afraid of raising your hand and being wrong?
  • struggling to inspire and move others forward?
  • desperate for validation?
  • so tired of trying, grinding, pushing…

But you don’t know any other way ?

“Cassidy is a game changer…”

Working with her has been enlightening, uplifting and action driven. She comes to the table professional, yet filled with so much warmth. She is thoughtful in her approach and really gets you to think past your own (sometimes subconscious) limiting beliefs. I’ve left each session feeling uplifted, determined, and with actionable items to get closer to my goals. She helps you empower yourself thru a sense of accomplishment. Cassidy guides you to discover what needs to be done instead of just telling you. She gets your to show up for yourself.

KaraLynne Wolfe
Principal Owner @ Kwolfe Collective

It’s time to bravely trust your instincts.

Realize your greatness as a leader and a human.

I’m here to guide you into this work. We’ll dig deep together and uncover the amazing gifts hidden inside your true nature.



Positive Intelligence® teachings to boost mental fitness and apply learnings immediately to work challenges.

Two-part live workshop (Zoom or on-site)


Welcome Challenges, Embrace Colleagues, Curb Stress and Find Your Creative Flow

One-hour live workshop (Zoom or on-site)

“One of the best parts about the way Cassidy works is that she really helps to identify actionable items. I highly recommend working with her. “

Lauren Adler
Founder @ CalendarKiddo

The 5 Day Shift

Five challenging questions to get from “UGHH!” to “I got this!”