You know there’s more out there for you. Let’s dig deep together and find it.

You know there’s more out there for you. Let’s dig deep together and find it.

I am your guide

I’ll feel your every vibration, spoken and unspoken. I’ll listen, synthesize, empathize, and reflect back to you in a way that challenges you to see a different, new way of being.

Through transformational coaching you’ll learn how to build your mental fitness so that you can not only bounce back from challenges, but come back even stronger. You’ll foster deep empathy with yourself and others so that you can get curious, be creative, find purpose, and be fearlessly focused.

“Cassidy was super efficient and helpful in the most positive way. She can tackle anything! We got so much done in a short time and I appreciate her experience and objectivity.”

Leah Katz, Yoga Instructor


» The opportunity to define and to commit to your personal mission, where your excellence lives.

» Tools to weed out your sabotaging thoughts.

» Mental exercises to build resilience and strengthen the neurological pathways to your right brain.

» A framework to face all challenges, personal and professional, using empathy, exploration, creativity, passion, and fearlessness.

“I worked with Cassidy for a couple of months during the heart of the pandemic – when I really felt confused about my next steps as an entrepreneur. Our time together helped me to identify my next product and pushed me out of my personal rut. Her guidance was and is invaluable and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a clear or renewed sense of direction or a beneficial outside perspective.”

Reena Factor
Brand Manager @ KPMG Consulting


You want to break through as a leader and a human.

To access your greater potential. To move into that amazing vision you have for your life.

Give yourself the help and support you need to navigate this journey.

Ways to work with me

Ways to work with me

Dig Deep Strategy Session

90 minutes

Time is of the essence and you’re stuck on the wheel of negative talk, limiting beliefs, and depleting energy. You’re tired from white-knuckling your way to your goals and you feel unfulfilled. You’ll receive worksheets to complete beforehand, and during our session, we’ll dig deep into your findings to help you to rediscover your inner excellence.

Positive Intelligence® Saboteur Assessment Analysis
On-demand Get Rooted Values Workshop
Get Rooted Values Workbook
Affirm your values
Clarify hurdles
Reclaim your why
Reestablish goals
Create an action plan
1 month weekly Accountability email / text check-ins

Transformational Coaching

3+ Months

Transformation happens when you get to the root of your limiting beliefs and learn how to identify and intercept your Saboteurs. We’ll deepen and simplify your motivation for change to the purest level. With each session you’ll have more self-awareness, less self-judgment, and you’ll be laser-focused on your goals.

90-minute Dig Deep Strategy session
45-minute weekly or bi-weekly sessions
On-demand Get Rooted Values Workshop
Get Rooted Values Workbook
15-minute spot coaching inbetween sessions
Unlimited email / texting with me

Team Coaching

3+ Months

Team coaching is the game-changer for turning departmental and company-wide challenges into new possibilities. Your team will crystalize its shared mission and refine each individual’s contributions. You’ll develop empathy for members so that you can draw out each other’s strengths. Your team will shift out of judgment and into collaboration and innovation. You’ll increase efficiency, focus, and communicate more effectively.

90-minute Values, Mission, Goals Team Session
45-minute bi-weekly Team Progress Sessions
Weekly check-in emails with prompts

Mental Fitness Training Pod

7-Week Course + Group Coaching

Building mental fitness gives you new life skills for your evolving success – and it’s best done with the support and accountability of a group.

7 weekly Pod Meetings (30-45 minutes each)
7 weekly 1-hour Positive Intelligence® videos
Daily in-app exercises to grow your mental fitness muscles and reframe your mindset
100% access to me between meetings, to monitor and fine-tune your progress

Pods can be internal teams, groups of leaders, or carefully curated individuals from different companies


I want to teach you how to get in the best mental shape of your life so that you can do brave things.

I’ll show you how to have fun in the process.

You’ll get clear on your core values.

You’ll identify your negative voices.

You’ll find your inner sage.

You’ll learn how to see that challenges are gifts and opportunities for growth.

I invite you to step out of the cycle of self-sabotage and live confidently + courageously.

Find your nature. I am your guide.

“I can’t recommend Cassidy highly enough. After working with her for even one session, I felt both seen and motivated. Cassidy was able to look at the entirety of my business issue and see what the issue was, and then break the solution down into actionable steps, all with compassion and honesty. I highly recommend her coaching services for someone either in the early stages of brand identity, or facing some of the later issues that happen when your business is up and running. She can help you simplify both your problem and your solution. Highly recommended!”

Sonni Abatta
Digital Talk Show and Podcast Host