Love Work Again


Remember when you were excited about work and loved engaging with your team?

Then pressures grew, team dynamics shifted, and your sense of purpose got murky. To love work again and produce the results you want and need, you have to stop relying on others to be happy at work. In this workshop,you’ll learn what sabotaging thoughts are getting in the way of achieving your highest potential and weed them out to make room for happiness and success.

One-hour live workshop (Zoom or on-site)

“Cassidy’s retreat was a powerful experience. It was simultaneously collaborative and introspective. The feelings of trust, vulnerability and empathy led to some won derful shifts in perspective. With grace, humility and a desire to help everyone m ove forward; Cassidy did an amazing job.”

KaraLynne Wolfe
Principal Owner @ Kwolfe Collective


  • Why work stopped being fun
  • Work Dynamics – understanding we all have Saboteurs and how they play out at work
  • How to find the gifts in the challenges at work
  • Tactics to de-stress and tap Sage powers


Renewed optimism about ability to control how to react to stressors.

Reenergized at work and action-oriented.

Empowered teams

Elevated energy

Improved attitudes

Reaffirmed commitment to the organization

Appreciation for the learning experience

“Cassidy has the ability to make the space among strangers safe and welcoming … like I’ve already known them for a long time. It is totally accelerating the process for me.”

Amanda Jefferson

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