Remote Team Challenges and the Stories We Make Up

“I used to have great relationships with my team before we went remote.” – Many executives I coach. I’ve heard this line from multiple senior-level executives struggling to connect with their teams. Their direct reports have also reported that they feel micro-managed and suffocated. In a high-stakes business, with little margin for error, relationships are […]

New Year? What’s it to you?

For me, New Year’s is about reflection above all else. It doesn’t have to mean anything more than that. With reflection comes intentional living. Some people reflect on their birthday, a solstice day, or a Sunday. The top of the year is another reminder to reflect. As part of his reform, Caesar instituted January 1 […]

Self-assessments: Helpful or harmful?

My love for self-assessments began likely when I was 16 and reading Seventeen Magazine. Who doesn’t want that “aha, that’s SO me!” moment that helps you feel less alone. Or that, magical, “how did they know that about me!?” feeling? Self-assessments can be helpful in understanding why we tick the way we tick. We can […]