How “Great” is Your Resignation?

You should quit your job if you hate it, right? Not so fast.

Pre-pandemic, I worked in the hot market of media sales. Jobs opened as technology advanced. If you showed enthusiasm, were polished, and had some solid connections, you only had to look around the corner for your next hot job with a better salary and title.

Where did that leave me? At the top of my “game” but unfulfilled. I missed opportunities to deepen relationships with colleagues. I missed chances to evolve with the brands I represented. I never fostered the skills to face hard conversations with a sense of optimism that we would grow stronger from them. Simply put, I bailed. Then I grew up as I grew myself. 

Post-pandemic you can take your pick of jobs.

You can start your own company, too. It all might even work out. There is no “bad” decision, just a different path you’ll learn from. But before you go beyond the fork in the road, I’m here to challenge your great resignation because I’m guessing you haven’t fully owned your role in that unhappiness. Here’s why:

You’ve victimized yourself! It’s about them. Your boss is too bossy. Your colleagues are too annoying. Your job is too unclear. Your workload is too much. Your vacation is too little. Your pay leaves much to be desired. Your chances for growth seem nil. How could you not quit?!

Now, look in the mirror and ask yourself:

  • Have I done the work to see my role in all of this?
  • Have I shown vulnerability and asked for help?
  • Have I done my best to bridge the gap between colleagues with empathy and vulnerability?
  • Have I taken responsibility to redefine my own goals, rather than wait for clarity from someone else?
  • Have I tried to foster new relationships that might energize me?
  • Have I considered how I can be the change I want to see in the company?

If leaving is the best move after self-reflecting, well then you won’t look back with any wonderment.

You will also know better what you are looking for so you can make sure that your potential job aligns with your values. Of course, you shouldn’t suffer, especially if there is verbal abuse! Just make sure you are owning your part in this decision. It’s a breakup and you were part of that relationship.

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I’m Cassidy Nasello.

I was once driven by stress, fear, shame, jealousy, self-doubt, and perfectionism – until I learned to recognize and combat my self-sabotaging talk. I bravely honored my inner truth and quickly saw that I could serve others as I served myself. My focus is strong and purposeful now. I want for you what I claimed for myself.

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