Sunday Night Scaries?

Got the Sunday Night Scaries? Or Monday Morning Monsters? 

It feels like a pit in your stomach, nerves that feel exposed, pressure on your chest, and a general sense that something is going to go wrong. What a terrible way to end the weekend! 

Here’s how to handle your weekday worries:

  1. Write your worries down.
  2. Consider what judgmental, sabotaging thoughts are driving those feelings. The Saboteur assessment from Positive Intelligence can help. 
  3. What is the deeper fear under that surface fear? (i.e. The client doesn’t call me back. The deal must be broken. I won’t hit my number. My boss will ride me. I’ll be on probation. I’m going to get fired!)
  4. Ask yourself, how true or likely is that fear? Seriously.
  5. Okay, if that “bad” thing happens, what would your plan of action be? Pre-planning can help calm you. Maybe you can make more outreach calls, for example. This is the resilience factor. 
  6. Also, consider the best case scenario! How will you handle success?
  7. Lastly, what is a “gift” that could come from that challenge or decidedly “bad” situation? (Maybe you improve your product offering. Maybe you spend time on a more fruitful client!)

Ditch the Sunday Scaries with action. They don’t serve you! Did you ever have a better, more successful week as a result of your Sunday night anxiety? Didn’t think so. Just put pen to paper to hash it out and then do something relaxing Sunday night to calm your mind.

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I’m Cassidy Nasello.

I was once driven by stress, fear, shame, jealousy, self-doubt, and perfectionism – until I learned to recognize and combat my self-sabotaging talk. I bravely honored my inner truth and quickly saw that I could serve others as I served myself. My focus is strong and purposeful now. I want for you what I claimed for myself.

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