Self-assessments: Helpful or harmful?

My love for self-assessments began likely when I was 16 and reading Seventeen Magazine. Who doesn’t want that “aha, that’s SO me!” moment that helps you feel less alone. Or that, magical, “how did they know that about me!?” feeling? Self-assessments can be helpful in understanding why we tick the way we tick. We can […]

The Human Side of the Calendar

Recently a very smart client wanted to discuss how to nail down a schedule that would capture her long list of to-dos and goals. At first glance this might look like an easy task:  write everything down, attach the time that each will take, and plot it out! Well, sure it’s easy if we were […]

Sunday Night Scaries?

Don't let darkness come with angst

Got the Sunday Night Scaries? Or Monday Morning Monsters?  It feels like a pit in your stomach, nerves that feel exposed, pressure on your chest, and a general sense that something is going to go wrong. What a terrible way to end the weekend!  Here’s how to handle your weekday worries: Write your worries down. […]

How “Great” is Your Resignation?

You should quit your job if you hate it, right? Not so fast. Pre-pandemic, I worked in the hot market of media sales. Jobs opened as technology advanced. If you showed enthusiasm, were polished, and had some solid connections, you only had to look around the corner for your next hot job with a better […]